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Batbox Baton XD...

...An advanced bat detector that is affordable and easy to use

Frequency reduction of bat calls is accomplished in two ways; frequency division, which divides the ultrasonic sound spectrum by 10, in real time, secondly - time expansion, where the Baton XD, having selected the optimum few calls of the bat pass, instantaneously creates a high speed digital recording and then immediately plays it back 10 times slower. The unit does not go 'deaf' at any time during this process so no bat pass will be missed. The output can be sent to any recording device, including iPhone and Android phones, for instant or later spectrum analysis.

To accurately identify bat species from calls, four of the essential measurement criteria required are bandwidth, repetition rate, call shape, and relative intensity. The Baton XD provides all of this information via its two simultaneous modes. Both modes retain amplitude information and frequency bandwidth. The call repetition rate is available from frequency division and a more detailed output of call shape is provided by time expansion.

When conducting night time surveys, it is important to keep as much of your attention as possible for watching the environment, both for personal safety reasons and for accurate judgement of bat activity, which can be just as important for identification and behavioural assessment as sound analysis alone. For this reason the Baton XD has just a single tactile button for accessing all of its functions.

The single button operation controls the speaker output, channel swapping and volume change. The auto-sensing output adjusts automatically for different devices which might be connected to it such as headphones, line-out devices, recorders and smart phones.

The Baton XD is packed with the very latest advanced circuitry in a very small device and yet it only consumes 20mA. Battery life, even with a standard alkaline battery, is above 20 hours (depending on use) but can be considerably extended by using a lithium type to around 60 hours.

Baton XD is available with built-in strong magnets which will enable the unit to be attached to the exterior of most cars for mobile transect road surveys.

Cost £239.00 plus delivery and VAT
Comes with protective carry pouch and battery

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Order online or Telephone 01903 816298


  Single button operation
Frequency division and time expansion
Sonagram display via smartphone apps
Multiple output options


Dimensions; 16.5cm x 4.6cm x 3.4cm
Weight: 81gm

Baton XD Specifications
Time expansion and frequency division (x10)
A-D convertor 441kHz sample rate (12 bit)
Output DAC 44.1kHz (12 bit)
Frequency response better than 18kHz to 120kHz
Intelligent output sensing of Line-out/headphone/smart phone
Power consumption 20mA
Battery 9v, PP3 (<60hrs with Lithium Polymer,
(15 hrs with NiMH)


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