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Batbox Baton ...

...simple and versatile bat detection

The Baton is a simple but versatile bat detector having a monitor speaker allowing reduction of frequencies between 20kHz to 120kHz. The division factor is 10, reducing the sounds of a 50kHz bat to 5kHz. The unit comes with a version of BatScan sound analysis software, developed especially for the Baton. In addition, if attached to the soundcard of a laptop computer by a stereo lead from the ‘line out’ of the Baton, it will produce real-time sonograms, allowing detailed analysis of calls when used with BatScan software.

The Baton retains the original amplitude of the calls recorded, allowing 3D analysis of bat calls. (time, frequency and intensity). Calls can also be recorded on other devices such as MP3 or minidisc for later analysis. MP3 files will have to be converted to WAV files before Batscan will be able to load them. The Baton is also ideal for listening to orthoptera (grasshoppers and crickets) whose communication is in the upper part of, or above human hearing. One PP3 9V battery lasts for up to 30hrs (alkaline).

Dimensions; 16.5cm x 4.6cm x 3.4cm
Weight: 81gm

Cost £65.00 plus delivery and VAT
Comes with protective carry pouch and BatScan software

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Order online or Telephone 01903 816298

  Frequency division bat detector
Real-time sonagrams
No tuning required
Unique design
Analysis Software included
(with sample bat calls)

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