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Batbox Joystick ... your way ahead

Since the introduction of LED torches we have tried many different models for the demanding requirements of the bat worker/surveyor. Until now, most have proved inadequate, either because the light that they emit is too blue, they are not powerful enough, they are too heavy or they have a short battery life.

The Joystick makes searching for bats much more efficient. It is extremely light and will easily slip into any pocket and yet it outperforms most torches many times bigger and heavier. The colour is much nearer to daylight, which makes identification easier and even makes some photography possible without the use of a flash. The unit outputs 240 lumens on the brightest setting. One of the biggest advantages is that you never need to buy any batteries as there is a built-in lithium-ion battery, which when fully charged, gives up to 24 hrs of use. There are 4 power settings with a visual status indicator and low battery charge warning.

The light is ‘cold’, unlike halogen and tungsten lamps and so is less disturbing to hibernating bats. When climbing into loft spaces or trudging through woodland carrying all the required kit, the Joystick makes life so much easier.

Cost £120.00 plus delivery and VAT
Comes complete with Charger and Lanyard

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Order online or Telephone 01903 816298


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