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Bat Sonar

In order to navigate and hunt for insect food, in complete darkness, bats have acquired a system over the last 60 million years or so which surpasses any navigation system yet produced by technology. By shouting at ultrasonic frequencies (usually above 20kHz), bats can detect echoes from objects around them and interpret them as a 'sound picture'. It is so sophisticated that they can fly at great speed avoiding all obstacles in their path, they can even detect tiny insects from a few metres away.

The ultrasonic calls, produced in the larynx, are tailored to their surroundings so as to be efficient and accurate in finding their preferred food. This means that different species produce different echolocation calls in accordance with their differing habitat requirements.

Batbox bat detectors convert the ultrasonic calls into audio which we can hear, enabling us to identify different species and to note various behavioral patterns. Much of this can be done without ever seeing the bats.

Batbox pocket bat detectors are known throughout the world for their efficiency, high quality, robustness and affordability.



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